We’re a hub for delivering core community projects to the island. To champion projects which will improve happiness and to inspire and create change. Here you will also find the latest facts and figures available.

Our Objectives to Achieve our Vision

  1. The become a respected one-stop shop for the key facts on the social issues we face.
  2. To ensure we have representation from every corner of our community.
  3. To ensure that everyone knows and understands how a thriving community looks and acts.
  4. To design, champion and deliver core projects that align to Global Goals / Future Jersey.
  5. To ensure that our initiatives are achievable, target-driven and measurable.
  6. To promote conversations that are intelligent, balanced, factual and relevant.
  7. To be sustainable in terms of relevance, presence, funding and action.

Global Goals

We follow the UN’s ‘Global Goals’ as a guide to a better community. You can find out more about these on our Global Goals Page.

Inspiring Change Events

We’ll be hosting events through the year in order to inspire and create positive change.

Community Projects

Do you have an idea for a community project that you’d like to start up which fits well under the Thrive Jersey banner? Get in touch, we can help. 


We’ll be gathering Data with our partners DataKind so that you can find everything you’re looking for on our Resources page (coming soon). 


Head over to our Strategy page to learn more about our Global Goals ‘Goalkeepers’ and what they’re doing to lead each of our goals.


To get tickets for one of our events head to our Facebook page where you’ll find a link to our Eventbrite and info for all of our upcoming events.

Behind thrive



Andy’s passion for the community is well known, having founded charities such as Le Tournoi and Wetwheels Jersey and regularly advising other third sector organisations. Having carried the Olympic torch in 2012, he was awarded an MBE in 2013 and was crowned Pride of Jersey Community Champion in 2017. Following his wife’s tragic suicide in 2016, Andy has campaigned tirelessly for the development of innovative suicide reduction initiatives and improved mental healthcare services, through greater collaboration between the Health Service and the general community. Andy has spoken at TEDx and at the Thrive Guernsey wellbeing conference. Andy’s vision is to harness the community’s firestarters – those amongst us who have the ability to see a problem, inspire an team and work together to devise an innovative and inspirational solution. 

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