Jersey is renowned for its wonderful and diverse community, and the third sector is no exception – thousands of islanders give huge amounts of time and money to over four hundred charities and other good causes, all of whom deliver increasing benefit. We believe however that the sector is at bursting point with many organisations struggling to find human and financial resource to enable them to meet their ambitions. Without a long-term community vision, it is hard to ensure that everyone is working towards common goals and focusing on the issues that mean the most to us.

Right now, and more than ever, our community is struggling – be that financially, emotionally or just finding life isn’t as straightforward as it should be – surviving but not thriving. Levels of mental ill health are well-documented and our rates of attempted and completed suicides are above where they should be. For many whose general mood is low, the priority is more on surviving than thriving. We are passionate about addressing this imbalance by inspiring our community to find solutions to the major issues. We cannot just blame government, but we can look to break down barriers to facilitate more collaborative working, because we are all on this rock together.

But there’s no point in reinventing the wheel – many communities around the world are starting to work out their problems and we aim to reach out far and wide to engage inspirational people who are doing inspirational things.

We cannot sit back and blame others whilst the problems around us keep on getting bigger – everyone has a responsibility to be the change. We need to get smarter, bolder and be driven to make the island a better place for all.

How Will We Do This?

We’ve spent a lot of time looking into how we should go about Thrive. We’ve embraced Global Goals (see below) to ensure we start at the very top, aligning Jersey with every major nation and by mapping these Goals through the great work recently undertaken by Future Jersey, have devised a strategy for intelligent, target-driven change.

Each Global Goal will be led by a local Goalkeeper – an expert in the area who will be responsible for inspiring others to get involved, to articulate the issues we face and to inspire others who share their passions to find or develop solutions which become easier when we all work together.

Inspire. Innovate. Collaborate. Solve.

Global Goals

In 2015, world leaders agreed to seventeen goals for a better world by 2030. These goals have the power to end poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change. Guided by the goals, it is now up to all of us, governments, businesses, civil society and the general public to work together to build a better future for everyone. By aiming high, Thrive will ensure that we can learn from the very top when it comes to innovative community solutions.

Future Jersey

Future Jersey was commissioned by the States of Jersey in 2016 and launched two years later. The resulting vision comes from the voice of Islanders and is for everyone. Crucially, however, it does not impose a set of actions, but serves as a guide for government, businesses, community organisations and individual Islanders. With input from islanders, the exercise resulted in the following vision:

“An Island loved for its beautiful coast and countryside, rich heritage, diverse wildlife and clean air, land and water. An Island where a sense of community really matters – a safe place to grow up and enjoy life. An Island that offers everyone the opportunity to contribute to, and share in, the success of a strong, sustainable economy.”


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Common  Questions

Why is thrive different?

Future Jersey has been a great exercise, enabling islanders to express their views about what aspects of island life matter most to them. However, the conclusions were only intended to act as a guide for government, to ensure that these views were borne in mind when policy decisions were made. Whilst annual progress indicators might be useful, they do not set targets for wider action. We believe that although this was a good start, any vision needs to be community-owned, continually reviewed, fully-inclusive and crucially, set targets for action. This is exactly what Thrive Jersey is all about – empowering everybody in a collaborative and intelligent way in order that we can take more responsibility for the futures we all want.

what is thrive?

Put simply, Thrive is a community coming together to solve it’s challenges. Thrive is broad in that it highlights the multitude of projects that enable our island to thrive both now and in the future and Thrive is focused in that it’s about harnessing the power of information and inspiration with action. Thrive is what we as a community make it. Without the community coming together there is no Thrive and without Thrive we run the real risk of a community not coming together. Thrive is “us rather than them ” Thrive is “our challenge rather than their challenge” Thrive is “we can if rather than we can’t because.”

How can thrive jersey help me?

Few countries harness the power of their people. We are lonelier than ever despite being more connected with technology and we struggle to take action despite the vast amount of information we have at our fingertips. Joining Thrive Jersey is an immediate step you can make to enable us all to connect rich pools of talent and strength we have in our community so that together we can make positive and sustainable change. In doing so, you help yourself. That’s the great thing about Thrive. We become interdependent rather than independent and in doing so we all help each other Thrive.

how can i help the community thrive?

Tell us about your project. Volunteer on someone else’s project. Lend your perspective to a working group. Tells us your ideas, take action, raise funds, raise awareness, promote Thrive through social media. The more people that understand the goals of Thrive, the more people communicate, the more people that lend their strength, the more chance we have of achieving our goals.

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

We can only do what we do with the generous help of our supporters. Get in touch to volunteer at one of our events, begin a community project or to donate.