Suicide is a big issue in Jersey as it is in all jurisdictions and our statistics do not make for good reading. Too many in our community are attempting or completing suicide and we are passionate about turning the tide. Every suicide leaves a trail of devastation among family, friends and colleagues and costs the economy millions and we cannot sit back and see those around us struggling. 

The majority of our many conversations have shown us that almost everyone knows of someone struggling with their mental health or someone who has tragically taken their life. Like most physical illnesses it is indiscriminate, affecting rich and poor, young and old and the harsh reality is that someone you know could be thinking about it right now. 

There is a lot of good work going on locally but it needs more and we cannot rely solely on government or the civil service to find the answers – no government has found the solution but we can make a huge difference if we start from the bottom up.

Thrive Jersey aims to help address this by developing a community-led awareness and prevention strategy which will align with the States’ five-year policy. Mental health awareness is key but it isn’t enough – many choose to take their own lives without having an identifiable mental health issue and it’s everyone’s responsibility to be able to identify those at risk and know how to start the conversation that could easily save a life. 

Thrive will partner with national organisations and inspirational individuals, bringing the latest expertise to Jersey to kickstart our own strategy, aiming to bring this issue into the limelight so we are all equipped to make a real difference where it’s so badly needed.