With its natural beauty, glorious beaches, general relative wealth, low unemployment and a tight-knit community, Jersey should be one of the happiest places on earth to live but for many this simply isn’t the case. Our reputation for kindness in the community and the most wonderful charity sector belies a harsh reality where too many amongst us are still falling under the line of acceptable community standards and for too long we have for whatever reason chosen to not talk openly and with the brutal honesty which is needed to start addressing the key underlying issues. Thrive Jersey is not here to duplicate the vast array of good work already being undertaken but seeks to notch things up a level by harnessing all of our ‘firestarters’ and focusing them in a structured way to solve our biggest community issues. To do this we need a long-term vision because without one we are all working independently, often failing to maximise human and financial resources and running the risk of focusing on treating the disease rather than finding a cure. By aligning to Global Goals, we have committed Jersey to the very smartest of community thinking. Global Goals has distilled a community’s ambitions into seventeen goals, from which all thinking will develop in a co-ordinated fashion. We’ve then looked at the local visions outlined in the recent Future Jersey initiative and by mapping the two together, have identified the optimum way forward for us to identify issues, brainstorm solutions and inspire those firestarters amongst us to resolve them for good. Thrive is open to anyone – we need people who have a passion to solve problems, gather and analyse data and inspire those around them to step up to the mark and influence real change. This is the only way forward and we are confident it will bring significant positive changes as it has done in other small communities around the world.